Theses & Dissertations


Title Author Advisor Name
The case of planning and implementing mathematics and science integration in the 8th grade by one mathematics and one science teachers in a public middle school Yeniterzi, Betül Çiğdem Haser 2016 PhD
Exploring the inluence of teaching mathematics in early childhood course on preservice early childhood teachers’ images and emotions of mathematics, mathematics anxiety and mathematics teaching anxiety Mehmetlioğlu Demirkıran, Deniz Çiğdem Haser 2016 PhD
Determinants of Healthy Eating Behaviours among Middle School Students: The Theory of Planned Behaviour Approach Bilim, İbrahim Ceren Öztekin 2015 Ms
Antecedents of Nature Of Science Teaching Intention: Testing The Applicability Of The Theory Of Planned Behavior Akyol, Gülsüm Ceren Öztekin 2015 PhD
The Role of Future Time Perspective, Environmental Attitudes, Perceived Knowledge, Self-Efficacy of Cooperation and Gender in Predicting University Students' Beliefs and Behavioral Intention About Global Climate Change Ateş, Deniz Gaye Teksöz 2015 PhD
Current State of Environmental Education in Turkey: A Case from Ankara Yıldırım, Nuray Gaye Teksöz 2015 PhD
Middle School Students' Reasoning Patterns and Comprehensions About Pseudoscientific Applications Related to Crystals Metin, Duygu Jale Çakıroğlu 2015 PhD
The Role of Motivation and Cognitive Engagement in Science Achievement Bircan, Hasan Semra Sungur 2015 Ms
Investigating Private Elementary School Students' Attitudes Toward Online Homework in Science Lesson in Terms of Experience, Usefulness and Thought Mumay Yıldız, Nurhan Elvan Şahin 2015 Ms
Use of learning trajectories based instruction to restructure pre-service elementary teachers’ mathematical content and student knowledge Yılmaz, Zuhal Çiğdem Haser 2015 PhD
An investigation of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ ability to connect the advanced mathematics topics addressed in mathematics for teachers courses with the elementary mathematics Dilberoğlu, Merve Çiğdem Haser 2015 Ms
An investigation of preservice middle school mathematics teachers’ formative assessment approaches through lesson planning Kaplan, Gözde Çiğdem Haser 2015 Ms
An investigation of 6th grade students’ problem solving strategies and underlying reasoning in the context of a course on general puzzles and games Kurbal, Seçil Çiğdem Haser 2015 Ms
Fifth grade students’ mathematics related beliefs Kıbrıslıoğlu, Nermin Çiğdem Haser 2015 Ms
Multilevel Analysis Of Students Science Achievement In Relation To Constructivist Learning Environment Perceptions, Epistemological Beliefs, Self-Regulation And Science Teachers Characteristics Pamuk, Savaş Semra Sungur 2014 PhD
The Effect Of 7e Learning-Cycle Model On Students Understanding Of Science Concepts And Motivational Beliefs Gök, Gülsüm Semra Sungur 2014 PhD
An Analysis Of Science Teachers Genetics Literacy And Related Decision Making Process Cebesoy, Ümran Betül Ceren Öztekin 2014 PhD
Modeling Pre-Service Science Teachers Environmentally Friendly Behaviors In Relation To Psychological And Cognitive Variables Alper, Umut Ceren Öztekin 2014 PhD
Identifying Determinants Of Pro-Environmental Behaviors: A Case For Climate Change Hiğde, Emrah Ceren Öztekin 2014 Ms
A Study On Science Teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge And Content Knowledge Regarding Cell Division Şen, Mehmet Ceren Öztekin 2014 Ms
The Effect Of History Of Science Instruction On Elementary Students Scientific Literacy Cansız, Mustafa Semra Sungur 2014 PhD
The Investigation of Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Teachers: The Case of Teaching Genetics Aydemir, Murat Jale Çakıroğlu 2014 PhD
Developing Science Teachers Theory And Pedagogy Of Argumentation In Science Education: Design, Implementation, And Evaluation Of A Graduate Course Through Educational Design Research Özdem Yılmaz, Yasemin Jale Çakıroğlu 2014 PhD
Conceptual, Structural And Epistemic Aspects Of Science Teachers Argumentation Practices In The Context Of Evolutionary Theory Yeşilyurt, Ezgi Jale Çakıroğlu 2014 Ms
Development of Pre-Service Science Teachers Nature of Science Views and Nature Of Science Instructional Planning Within A Contextualized Explicit Reflective Approach Bilican, Kader Jale Çakıroğlu 2014 PhD
Environmental Education in Elementary Schools Arık, İrem Gaye Teksöz 2014 Ms
Student Engagement and Classroom Perceptions as Predictors of Elementary Students Science Achievement Hıdıroğlu, Fatma Melike Semra Sungur 2014 Ms
Developing Preservice Science Teachers Socioscientific Reasoning Through Socioscientific Issues-Focused Course Cansız, Nurcan Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2014 PhD
Trust and Mistrust When Elementary Students Read Multiple Information Sources About Climate Change and Their Epistemological Beliefs About Socioscientific Issues Saylan, Aslı Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2014 Ms
An Exploration of Preservice Science Teachers Written Argumentation Skills On Socioscientific Issues Karışan, Dilek Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2014 PhD
Development and Validation of Human Population Growth Scale in The Context of Sustainability Demirci, Sinem Elvan Şahin 2014 Ms
Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge And Their Students’ Mathematics Achievement In Concepts Related To Numbers And Operations Öztoprakçı, Seçil Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2014 PhD
Exploring Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Treatment Of Rational Number Examples In Their Classrooms : A Multiple Case Study Avcu, Ramazan Çiğdem Haser 2014 PhD
Effects Of Using Manipulatives On Seventh Grade Students' Achievement In Transformation Geometry And Orthogonal Views Of Geometric Figures Enki, Kerim Çiğdem Haser 2014 Ms
Middle School Students Achievement Levels, Solution Strategies, And Reasons Underlying Their Incorrect Answers In Linear And Non-Linear Problems Ayan, Rukiye Mine Işıksal 2014 Ms
Seventh Grade Students' Possible Solution Strategies, Errors And Misinterpretations Regarding The Concepts Of Mean, Median And Mode Given In Bar Graph Representations Enisoğlu, Didem Mine Işıksal 2014 Ms
Investigating Elementary Students Understanding Of Geometry Tekin Sitrava, Reyhan Mine Işıksal 2014 PhD
The Effects Of Geogebra Assisted Geometry Instruction On 7th Grade Students Problem-Solving Performance Akgül, Mustafa Buğra Didem Akyüz 2014 Ms
Investigating Teachers Understanding Of Models And Modeling In Science Education Yenilmez Türkoğlu, Ayşe Ceren Öztekin 2013 PhD
A Closer Look into Turkish Elementary Teachers Regarding Education for Sustainable Development Sağdıç, Ali Elvan Şahin 2013 Ms
An Investigation Of Students’ Homework Self-Regulation And Teachers’ Homework Practices Taş, Yasemin Semra Sungur 2013 PhD
Multilevel Investigations of Students Cognitive and Affective Learning Outcomes and Their Relationships with Perceived Classroom Learning Environment and Teacher Effectiveness Yerdelen, Sündüs Semra Sungur 2013 PhD
The Effects Of Creative Drama On Preshool’s Children Environmental Awareness Alıcı, Şule Refika Olgan 2013 Ms
The Interrelation Between Pre-Service Science Teachers Conceptions of Teaching and Learning, Learning Approaches and Self-Efficacy Beliefs Tahancalio, Semra Jale Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Envıronmental Educatıon In Early Chıldhood Teacher Traınıng Programs: Perceptıons And Belıefs Of Pre-Servıce Teachers Güner, Zişan Jale Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Investigation Of Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers Statistical Literacy In Turkey Özen, Mehtap Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Power In The Classroom: Investigating The Teaching And Learning Stereotypes, Authority And Rules In-Class With Respect To Mathematics Classroom Aktuna, Hatice Ezgi Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
To Define Elemantary Mathematics Teachers Problems And Solution Of These Problems In Appliying Transformational Geometry İlaslan, Serap Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Examining Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions About Teacher Effectiveness Esen, Yasemin Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 PhD
An Investigation Of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Techno-Pedagogical Content knowledge within the context of their teaching practices Balgalmış, Esra Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 PhD
Views Of Mathematics Teachers About Implementation Of The Activities In The Mathematics Curriculum And Problems Encountered During The Implementation Doktoroğlu, Rezzan Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Misconceptions Of Middle School Students' Common Errors In The Domain Of Area And Perimeter And The Relationship Between Their Geometry Self-Efficacy Beliefs And Basic Procedural And Conceptual Knowledge Of Area And Perimeter Orhan, Nagehan Çiğdem Haser 2013 Ms
An Investigation Of Young Childrens Informal Fraction Knowledge Utku, Burcu Çiğdem Haser 2013 Ms
The Effects Of Mathematics Instruction Supported By Dynamic Geometry Activities On Seventh Grade Students Achievement In Area Of Quadrilateral Özçakır, Bilal Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2013 Ms
Probability Misconceptions Of Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers İlgün, Münevver Mine Işıksal 2013 Ms
Misconceptions Of Middle School Students' Common Errors In The Domain Of Area And Perimeter And The Relationship Between Their Geometry Self-Efficacy Beliefs And Basic Procedural And Conceptual Knowledge Of Area And Perimeter Orhan, Nagehan Mine Işıksal 2013 Ms
Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Proof Conception In Geometry Demiray, Esra Mine Işıksal 2013 Ms
Investigation Of Inservice Mathematics Teachers Perception On Mathematically Gifted Students Tütüncü, Sümeyra Mine Işıksal 2013 Ms
Constructing The Mathematics Enjoyment Scale Sözen, Sinem Didem Akyüz 2013 Ms
Investigating Prospective Teachers Plane Geometry Problem Solving Strategies By Using Dynamic Geometry Software The Case Of Geogebra Koyuncu, İlhan Didem Akyüz 2013 Ms
The Effect of Using Metacognitive Strategies Embedded in Explicit-Reflective Nature of Science Instruction On the Development of Pre-Service Science Teachers Understandings of Nature of Science Baraz, Aytuğba Jale Çakıroğlu 2012 Ms
Self-Effıcacy, Learnıng Strategıes, Task Value And Gender: Predıctors Of 11th Grade Bıology Achıevement Mutlu, Ayten Jale Çakıroğlu 2012 Ms
Investigation of The Relationship Between Preservice Science Teachers Understandings of Nature of Science and Their Personal Characteristics Çetinkaya, Gamze Jale Çakıroğlu 2012 Ms
Investigating Preservice Science Teachers’ Understanding of Role and Distribution of Ozone Layer and Ozone Layer Depletion Through Mental Models and Ontological Beliefs Yanış, Hilal Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2012 Ms
The Design and Development of an Online Professional Development Material for Science and Technology Teachers On Assessment and Evaluation Mutlu, Neşet Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2012 PhD
Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge About Definitions Of Integers And Their Knowledge About Elementary Students’ Possible Misconceptions And Errors In Describing Integers Kubar, Ayşenur Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2012 Ms
Middle School Mathematics Teachers Use Of Textbooks And Integration Of Textbook Tasks Into Practice:A Mixed Methods Study Özgeldi, Meriç Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2012 PhD
Developing A Measuring Instrument To Determine Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge And Pedagogical Content Knowledge About Fractions Eroğlu, Deniz Çiğdem Haser 2012 Ms
6th Grade Teachers And Students Opinions About The Usage Of Mathematics Textbook Başer, Nadiye Çiğdem Haser 2012 Ms
An Investigation Of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Strategies Used In Mathematical Problem Solving Avcu, Seher Çiğdem Haser 2012 Ms
An Investigation Of 8th Grade Students’ Statistical Literacy And The Relationship Between Their Statistical Literacy, Attitude And Beliefs About Statistics Yolcu, Ayşe Çiğdem Haser 2012 Ms
Beginning Early Childhood Teachers’ Career Problems, Expectations, Concerns, And Their Experiences In Public Schools Akdağ, Zeynep Çiğdem Haser 2012 PhD
Mathematics Teaching For Social Justice: The Perceptions Of Teacher Educators And Teachers Doğan, Oğuzhan Çiğdem Haser 2012 PhD
The Effect Of Creative Drama Method On 8th Grade Students´ Math Achievement On Fractal Geometry Geçim, Ayşe Damla Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
Investigating Perceptions Of Preservice Mathematics Teachers On Their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Tpack) Regarding Geometry Bulut, Aykut Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
Investigating Beliefs And Perceived Self-Efficacy Beliefs Of Prospective Elementary Mathematics Teachers Towards Using Origami In Mathematics Education Arslan, Okan Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
Developing A Measuring Instrument To Determine Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge And Pedagogical Content Knowledge About Fractions Eroğlu, Deniz Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
An Investigation Of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Strategies Used In Mathematical Problem Solving Avcu, Seher Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
Teachers Perception Of Problem Solving And Their Difficulties While Involving In Problem Solving Activities Çokçalışkan, Hasan Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
The Effect Of Realistic Mathematic Education On Achievement Of Fifth Grade Students In Perimeter And Area Concepts Yurtsever, Nilgün Mine Işıksal 2012 Ms
Science Teachers’ Perceptions of the Elementary Science and Technology Curriculum Adal, Elif Ece Jale Çakıroğlu 2011 Ms
The Influence Of Argumentation Based Instruction On Sixth Grade Students’ Attitudes Toward Science, Conceptual Understanding About Physical And Chemical Change Topic And Argumentativeness Çakır, Bahriye Zühal Jale Çakıroğlu 2011 Ms
Environmental Education for Teachers: From Concepts -To- Real Life Kahyaoğlu, Elvan Gaye Teksöz 2011 PhD
Antecedents and Consequences of Elementary Students’ Goal Orientations Kahraman, Nurcan Semra Sungur 2011 PhD
Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Teaching Self-Efficacy in Relation to Personality Traits and Academic Self-Regulation Şenler, Burcu Semra Sungur 2011 PhD
Fostering Pre-Service Science Teachers Self Determined Motivation Toward Environment Through Satisfaction of Three Basic Psychological Needs Karaarslan, Güliz Semra Sungur 2011 Ms
A Structural Model On Elementary Students Motivational Beliefs, Use of Self-Regulation Strategies, And Mathematics Achievement Kayan Fadlelmula, Fatma Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2011 PhD
Ivestigation of the Effect of Metacognitive Prompts on Metacognition and Knowledge of Nature of Science in Preservice Science Teachers Çakır, Birgül Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2011 Ms
Investigation of Pre-service Science Teachers Informal Reasoning, Epistemological Beliefs and Metacognitive Awareness regarding Socioscientific Issues: A Case for Nuclear Power Plant Construction Öztürk, Nilay Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2011 Ms
Investigating Pre-service Science Teachers' Perceived Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Regarding Genetics Savaş, Meltem Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2011 Ms
Discovering Learning Styles Of Gifted Children And Analyizing Effects Of Learning Styles Of Gifted Children On Mathematics Instruction Kurbal, Süleyman Serkan Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2011 Ms
The Effects Of Drama Based Instruction On Seventh Grade Students’achievement In Ratio And Proportion Concepts,Attitude Toward Mathematics Debreli, Esra Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2011 Ms
An Elementary Mathematics Teachers Pedagogical Reasoning In Selecting Learning Activities Çatak, Melek Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2011 PhD
Construction Of Mathematics Related Belief Scale Of Pre-Service And In- Service Teachers Kayan, Ruhan Çiğdem Haser 2011 Ms
Teachers’ Impact On Students’ Formation Of Misconceptions In The Reading, Interpretation And Construction Of Graphs Tortop, Tuğba Çiğdem Haser 2011 Ms
Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers Beliefs And Attitudes Towards The Use Of History Of Mathematics In Elementary Mathematics Education Alpaslan, Mustafa Mine Işıksal 2011 Ms
The Effects Of Drama Based Instruction On Seventh Grade Students’achievement In Ratio And Proportion Concepts,Attitude Toward Mathematics Debreli, Esra Mine Işıksal 2011 Ms
Investigating Eight Grade Students Mathematics Achievement And Attitudes On Fractals Akay, Güler Mine Işıksal 2011 Ms
Investigation Of Relationship Among Seventh Grade Students Mathematics Self-Efficacy, Mathematics Anxiety, And Mathematics Achievement Reçber, Şenol Mine Işıksal 2011 Ms
A Cross-Age Study On Elementary Students’ Value Orientations, Environmental Optimism And Environmental Concern Eryiğit, Arzu Ceren Öztekin 2010 Ms
The Effect of Explicit Embedded Reflective Instruction on Nature of Science Understandings, Scientific Literacy Levels and Achievement on Cell Unit Köksal, Mustafa Serdar Jale Çakıroğlu 2010 PhD
Investigating Pre-Service Science Teachers Quality of Written Argumentations About Socio-Scientific Issues in Relation to Epistemic Beliefs and Argumentativeness İşbilir, Erdinç Jale Çakıroğlu 2010 Ms
Relation of Cognitive and Motivational Variables with Students' Human Circulatory System Achievement in Traditional and Learning Cycle Classrooms Sadi, Özlem Jale Çakıroğlu 2010 PhD
Evaluation of Environmental Attitudes of Elementary School Students Tarsus Baş, Meltem Gaye Teksöz 2010 Ms
A Study On Sources and Consequences of Elementary Students’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Science and Technology Course Kıran, Dekant Semra Sungur 2010 Ms
Exploring the Development of Pre-service Science Teachers’ Views on Nature of Science in Iquiry-Based Laboratory Instruction Özgelen, Sinan Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2010 PhD
The Conformity among the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the Trends in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) and the New Turkish Science Curriculum Yılmaz, Emine Özge Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2010 Ms
Investigating Pre-service Science Teachers’ Construction and Understanding of Environmental Knowledge through Field Based Collaborative Inquiry Cihangir, Cihan Gülin Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2010 Ms
Moral Reasonning of Pre-service Science Teachers Toward Local and Non-Local Environmental Problems Tuncay, Büşra Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2010 Ms
Investigating Preservice Science Teachers Epistemological Beliefs in the Domain of Environment through Comparing with other Domains Adıbelli, Elif Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2010 Ms
Investigating Preservice Teachers’ Geometrical Reasoning Regarding Three Dimensional Figures Dursun, Özlem Mine Işıksal 2010 Ms
Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers Self-Regulated Learning Strategies In The Context Of Teaching Practice Kurt, Gönül Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2010 PhD
Investigation Of Elementary School Students’ Computational Estimation Ability Pişkin Tunç, Mutlu Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2010 Ms
Investigating The Readiness Of Preservice Mathematics Teachers Towards Teaching Profession Mehmetlioğlu, Deniz Çiğdem Haser 2010 Ms
Preparing Prospective Teachers For Reform-Minded Teaching Through Online Video Case Discussions: Change İn Noticing Osmanoğlu, Aslıhan Mine Işıksal 2010 PhD
The Contribution Of Cognitive And Metacognitive Strategy Use To Seventh Grade Students Science Achievement Akyol, Gülsüm Ceren Öztekin 2009 Ms
Evaluating 8th Grade Students’ Environmental Literacy: The Role Of Sociodemographical Variables Varışlı, Tuğçe Ceren Öztekin 2009 Ms
Investigating Students Scientific Epistemological Beliefs Through Gender, Grade Level And Fields Of The Study Kurt, Fatma Ceren Öztekin 2009 Ms
Exploring Representation of Nature of Science Aspects in Science Textbooks Yamak, Yeliz Jale Çakıroğlu 2009 Ms
An Investıgatıon Of Pre-Servıce Elementary Scıence Teachers' Lıteracy Level And Theır Attıtudes Towards Scıence Ulutaş, Ö. Jale Çakıroğlu 2009 Ms
The Nature Of Preservıce Scıence Teachers Argumentatıon In Inquıry Orıented Laboratory Contexts Özdem, Yasemin Jale Çakıroğlu 2009 Ms
The Effect of Grade Level On Elementary School Students Motivational Beliefs in Science Güngören, Savaş Semra Sungur 2009 Ms
The Relationships Between Preservice Teachers’ Environmental Attitude and Behavior and Epistemological Beliefs Öztürk, Gökhan Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2009 Ms
A Study On Sixth Grade Students' Spatial Reasoning Regarding 2d Representations Of 3d Objects Eryaman, Zeynep Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2009 Ms
A Study Of Perspectives Of Teacher Educators Regarding Changes In Teacher Education In 1982, 1998 And 2006 In Turkey Kurt, Gamze Çiğdem Haser 2009 Ms
Teachers’ Opinions About New Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum Keleş, Özkan Çiğdem Haser 2009 Ms
An Investigation Of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Views And Reflections About Elementary Mathematics Classes Based On Their Observations In School Experience Courses Doğan, Sümeyra Mine Işıksal 2009 Ms
A Case Study On The Aspects Of Classroom Discourse In A Fifth Grade Mathematics Class In A Regional Elementary Boarding School Şahin, Şule Mine Işıksal 2009 Ms
The Relationship Between 6th Grade Students’ Problem Solving Achievement And Mathematics Achievement Scores After Completing Instruction On Problem Solving Karaoğlan, Dilek Mine Işıksal 2009 Ms
An Investigation Of The Effect Of Origami-Based Instruction On Elementary Students’ Spatial Ability In Mathematics Çakmak, Sedanur Mine Işıksal 2009 Ms
The Interplay Of Students Perceptions Of Learning Environment, Goal Orientations, Strategy Value Beliefs, Science Satisfaction And Achievement Taş, Yasemin Ceren Öztekin 2008 Ms
Modeling Elementary Students Science Achievement: The Interrelationships Among Epistemological Beliefs, Learning Approaches, And Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Özkan, Şule Ceren Öztekin 2008 PhD
Professional Development Of Pre-Service Science Teachers Through Reflective Practice Savran Gencer, Ayşe Ceren Öztekin 2008 PhD
Investigating Elementary Students Motivation Towards Science Learning: A Cross Age Study Güvercin, Özge Ceren Öztekin 2008 Ms
A Study On the Predictors of Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Beliefs Gür, Gülbir Jale Çakıroğlu 2008 Ms
Professıonal Development Of Pre-Servıce Scıence Teachers Through Reflectıve Practıce Savran Gencer, Ayşe Jale Çakıroğlu 2008 PhD
Environmental Education by Problem Based Learning: A Case Study in Bodrum (Turkey) Ökesli, Tayyibe Fulya Gaye Teksöz 2008 Ms
Environmental Literacy in METU İstanbullu, Rüveyde Asli Gaye Teksöz 2008 Ms
Effects of Problem Based Learning On Students Environmental Attitude Through Local Vs Non-Local Environmental Problems İşeri Gökmen, Selcen Gaye Teksöz 2008 Ms
Turkish Pre-Service Teachers Perceptions About Global Versus Local Environmental Issues Ünal, Nilüfer Gaye Teksöz 2008 Ms
Effect of Designed Environmental Education Lectures On Environmental Attitudes of Primary School Students Yıldırım, Nuray Gaye Teksöz 2008 Ms
Preservice Science Teachers’ Informal Reasoning Regarding Socioscientific Issues and The Factors Influencing Their Informal Reasoning Topçu, Mustafa Sami Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2008 PhD
Teachers Efficacy Beliefs About Instructional Practices And Assessment Procedures In The Context Of The 2004 Curriculum İşler, Işıl Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2008 Ms
Problem Solving By Using Dynamic Geometry Software Gül, Zerrin Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2008 Ms
Investigation Of The Change İn 6th Grade Students' Problem Solving Abilities, Attitudes Towards Problem Solving And Attitudes Towards Mathematics After Mathematics Instruction Based On Polya's Steps Yıldız, Veysel Mine Işıksal 2008 Ms
The Comparative Effects Of Prediction/Discussion-Based Learning Cycle, Conceptual Change Text, And Traditional Instructions On Students Genetics Understanding And Self-Regulated Learning Yılmaz, Diba Ceren Öztekin 2007 Ms
The Contribution Of Learning Motivation, Reasoning Ability And Learning Orientation To Ninth Grade International Baccalaureate And National Program Students Achievement In Mitosis And Meiosis Başer, Meltem Ceren Öztekin 2007 Ms
Predictive Influence Of Students Achievement Motivation, Meaningful Learning Approach And Epistemological Beliefs On Classification Concept Achievement Kızılgüneş, Berna Ceren Öztekin 2007 Ms
Scientific Epistemological Beliefs, Perceptions Of Constructivist Learning Environment And Attitude Towards Science As Determinants Of Students Approaches To Learning Özkal, Kudret Ceren Öztekin 2007 Ms
The Effect Of 5e Learning Cycle Approach On Sixth Grade Students Understanding Of Cell Concepts, Attitude Toward Science And Scientific Epistemological Beliefs Kaynar, Devrim Jale Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
Examining 8th Grade Students’ Perception Of Learning Environment Of Science Classrooms in Relation To Motivational Beliefs And Attitudes Arısoy, Nazmiye Jale Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
The Investigation of Teachers with Respect to Knowledge Level on Environmental Concepts Aydemir, Murat Gaye Teksöz 2007 Ms
The Effect of Problem-Based Learning On the Elementary School Students’ Achievement in Genetics Araz, Gülsüm Semra Sungur 2007 Ms
An Analysis of Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs and Attitudes towards Science in Preservice Elementary Science Teachers and Secondary Science Teachers Sünger, Mustafa Özgül Yılmaz-Tüzün 2007 Ms
Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Efficacy Beliefs About Using Manipulatives İn Teaching Mathematics Bakkaloğlu, Ezgi Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
A Study On Preservice Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Mathematical Problem Solving Beliefs Kayan, Fatma Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
Eighth Grade Students' Skills In Translating Among Different Representations Of Algebraic Concepts Sert, Özlem Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
Elementary School Teachers' Views About Their Implementation Of The Assessment Techniques Recommended In The New Mathematics Curriculum Uçar, Nihan Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2007 Ms
A Study On Pattern Of 6th Grade Elementary Mathematics Lessons Doğan, Oğuzhan Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2006 Ms
The Effects Of Real Data Based And Calculator Supported Statistics Activities On 7th Grade Students' Statistics Performance And Attitude Towards Statistics Yılmaz, Sevgül Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2006 Ms
Middle Grade Students' Abilities İn Translating Among Representations Of Fractions Kurt, Gönül Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2006 Ms
A Study Of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Subject Matter Knowledge And Pedagogical Content Knowledge Regarding The Multiplication And Division Of Fractions Işıksal, Mine Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2006 PhD
Eighth Grade Students’ Perceptions Related To Their Mathematics Teachers’ Interpersonal Behaviors Şimşeker, M. Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2005 Ms
Use Of Manipulative Materials İn Teaching Mathematics Tuncay, Banu Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2004 Ms
Teaching Logarithm Concepts Guided Discovery And Real Life Applications Çetin, Yücel Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2004 Ms
The Effects Of Multiple Representations-Based Instruction On Seventh Grade Students’ Algebra Performance, Attitude Toward Mathematics, And Representation Preference Akkuş, Oylum Erdinç Çakıroğlu 2004 PhD